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How much does Hair Transplant cover the Bald Scalp?

Hair transplant in Indore

Hair transplantation methods are continuously improving with the technological world, surgeons always look forward to performing the hair transplant surgery with increased success rate. Do you know how exactly hair transplant surgery cover the bald scalp? Read this blog/article in which Hair Specialist in Indore at Marmm Klinik is explaining about the success measurement points of a hair transplant.

To understand the coverage area of baldness, you will also need to observe a hair transplant and its process carefully. 

Hair transplant process 

Hair transplant typically involves two methods, follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Both these processes are effective and its results depend upon the surgeon who is performing it. Basically, the main feature of both these procedures is to extract hair from the donor area and transplanting them to the recipient or bald area. 

Number of hair follicles grow after a hair transplant 

The surgeon extracts good and healthy hair follicles to transplant them on the bald area. After this, to perform the hair transplant more effectively the surgeon checks and analyzes each graft and then transplants them carefully on the bald region on the scalp. If the surgeon is qualified and experienced enough then the number of follicles extracted and the number of transplanted hair follicles will remain the same and as a result, the number of grown hair follicles will become high. 

How does an experienced hair specialist increase the success rate of a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure and the first thing it requires is the selection of a good hair transplant surgeon, a good, experienced, and qualified hair transplant surgeon who analyzes all aspects of hair transplant on the patient and then evaluates the success features of a hair transplant. A good surgeon can increase the success rate of hair transplants by opting for the following points.

  • Checking the overall medical history of the patient.
  • By having particular blood tests to initiate the overall success. 
  • By choosing the correct method like FUT or FUE.
  • By taking care of the hair follicles properly after extraction until proper transplantation. 


Hair transplant is the best ever solution to get rid of hair loss and baldness, but before selecting a hair transplant surgeon make sure that your selection is good and your surgeon has the right set of capabilities to perform your surgery. Marmm Klinik is providing the best services for the Hair Transplant in Indore with affordable Hair Transplant Cost in Indore. The surgeons here perform all the necessary tests to ensure the success of the hair transplant. 


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