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Fact Causes and Treatment for Baldness- Hair Transplant in Indore

Hair Transplant in Indore

Hair fall is a general phenomenon and experts say that it is a normal part of the hair growth cycle. However, if the number of fallen hairs exceeds the normal limit, it is called hair loss that is one of the most common hair and scalp issues. The most common type of hair loss is androgenic alopecia and hair transplant in Indore is the best solution for this condition. The experts of the Marmm Klinik claim that hair transplants can eliminate your bald look with the help of high-quality hair transplant surgery. 

Besides the male pattern baldness, you may suffer from hair loss due to several reasons. The hair loss occurred because of these reasons is generally temporary. These reasons may function as triggers for male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. 

Main Reasons for Baldness

  • Poor diet:

Due to poor diet, nutrition deficiency may take place. As a result, patients may suffer from hair loss. 

  • Health problems: 

Health problem like high-grade fever after typhoid, hypothyroidism, anemia may cause severe hair loss. 

  • Medications:

Some medications for certain diseases may also cause hair loss. The most common example of hair loss after medication is cancer treatment. 

  • Stress:

Hair loss occurs due to physical or psychological trauma or stressful conditions. 

  • Improper hair care:

Hair loss is a common result of improper hair care since your hair needs consistent efforts to keep the hair fit and fine. 

Available treatments for hair loss


Usually, male pattern baldness is not treatable with the help of medicines. However, in the initial condition, some experts may prescribe medicines like Minoxidil to control the severe effects of hair loss. The patients have to use this medicine regularly to keep the results stable. We cannot call the use of medicines a permanent solution but it can be used as a temporary fix for the problem. For permanent solution we prefer to go for Hair Transplant in Indore.

PRP hair loss treatment:

The full form of PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is obtained from the blood sample that is drawn from the patient’s own body. This blood sample is kept in a centrifuge machine with the aim of separating the components of the blood. After the machines is spun at high speed, the experts gets three layers of the blood called red blood cells, poor platelet plasma and platelet rich plasma. The doctors collect platelet rich plasma from the test tube and make PRP injections to inject into the scalp of the patient. 

Hair Transplant- A Surgical treatment:

This treatment is beneficial in the case of permanent baldness. In this treatment, the surgeon takes the hairs from the donor areas and transplants to the bald area. Experts claim that the hairs growing on the donor area are baldness resistant. Therefore, the transplanted hairs are supposed to grow in the new areas forever. 

The Marmm Klinik is one of the best clinics for hair loss if you are looking for proper hair loss treatment. The clinic not only provides reasonable Hair transplant cost in Indore, it also ensures high-quality treatment for the patients. Furthermore, the experts will treat you according to the condition of your scalp. 


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