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Hair Transplant Surgery is the Only Solution that Can Reverse Hair loss

Hair loss is a widespread problem and both genders are victims of this problem. According to hair loss experts, hair transplant in Bhopal is the only solution of pattern hair loss that is a genetic problem and therefore, can be treated with the help of a surgical procedure only.  

Some of the terms used in this paragraph may confuse but understanding these terms is necessary for you if you are among those who are facing severe hair loss. 

Generally, hair fall is a normal part of hair growth since hair follicles grow new hair again. As you can assume, the percentage of hair growth is always greater than the percentage of hair fall. In the case of hair loss, the condition is not normal and the percentage of hair growth decreases at a rapid speed. When hairs lose takes place for a long time without the signs of hair growth, the scalp starts to become bald and if the patient ignores this condition for a long time, a large area of the scalp loses hair. 

What is genetic hair loss?

Hair loss is a common problem and it may occur due to any reason that makes hair follicles weak or that may disturb the natural hair growth cycle. However, if the nature of hair loss is genetic, hair loss would occur at any age and you cannot stop this process. This disease is called pattern hair loss or male pattern baldness. In this problem, hairs are removed following a pattern. first of all, the hairline is affected and then hairs are removed from the temple and crown area as well. 

The treatment of Hair Loss

In the case of temporary hair loss, home remedies or hair loss procedure may work but if you are facing genetic hair loss, these ideas do not work since hair follicles never come back after they are shrunk due to male pattern baldness. 

However, as mentioned below, hair transplant surgery is the best solution for genetic hair loss. 

How is Hair Transplant useful?

hair transplant surgery is performed by trained and experienced surgeons in a proper environment. During the surgery, the surgeon borrows the hair follicles from the back and sides of the scalp and inserts the hair to the bald scalp. According to hair loss experts, these hairs are baldness resistant and never fall on the new areas after the surgery. 

It means the patients get desired results with the help of the hair transplant but with a condition that the surgeon must be a qualified and experienced person. 


It is easy to conclude that hair transplant is the perfect choice for hair loss and if the surgeon is capable, results are favorable in most of the cases. If you are looking for a hair transplant clinic that provides treatment at a reasonable hair transplant cost in Bhopal, you can visit the Marmm Klinik for initial guidance and proper treatment. 


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