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What Points Should be Considered for Successful Hair Transplant Results?

Hair transplant in Indore

Hair transplant is a medicated surgical procedure, the success of hair transplant depends upon various factors, its success not only depends upon the transplanted area but also on the donor area, in this article, experts at Marmm Klinik provide one of the best Hair Transplant in Indore are explaining about successful hair transplant results. 

The transplanted area’s success depends upon the following factors:

  • The success rate of the transplanted area is measured on the growth of the transplanted region, normally more than 70-80% of growth is termed as a successful hair transplant. 
  • The angle of placement of grafts also decides the success rate of hair transplant, usually, the placement success of hair transplant depends upon the surgeon who is performing it. 

The success of hair transplants can not be measured only by the transplanted area, but it is important to review the healing of the donor area as well. 

The factors that can be considered for evaluating the success of the donor area are:

  • The method of hair transplant used and it is manual or motorized. 
  • The depth of the punch that will be inserted inside also impacts on the success of the hair transplant as it may cause scars if not used properly.
  • The extracted grafts are healthy enough to get placed in the transplanted area. 
  • The number of grafts taken also decides the success of both the areas that are transplanted as well as the recipient area. 

The surgeon performing hair transplant

Above all, the most important factor regarding the success of hair transplant is the surgeon who is performing it, he must be qualified, certified, and experienced enough to perform your hair transplant. It is seen that the qualification and experience of the surgeon impact the most on the success of it, it is the responsibility of the surgeon to recommend the best method as well as provide the best aftercare to attain early recovery. Marmm Klinik provides one of the best services for the hair treatment in Indore by providing all the possible care to the patient. 

ConclusionHair loss and baldness are the problems which need a permanent solution, and the hair transplant is the correct solution for it, but there are various things which need to keep in mind while deciding to have a hair transplant and the success of a hair transplant depends upon various factors which a surgeon, as well as the patient, needs to keep in mind. Marmm Klinik has an increased success rate of hair transplants and it is providing hair transplant with affordable and effective Hair Transplant Cost in Indore.


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