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How many hair transplants can a patient have?

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Hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair fall and baldness, but several curious minds ask whether it is possible to have more than one hair transplant for better results. According to recent research, hair transplant is a permanent process and when performed by an experienced and qualified doctor, there is no need to have more than one hair transplant and it is not safe due to several reasons. Marmm Clinic is the best Hair Clinic in Indore which provides effective and result-oriented hair transplant, having one will not feel to have more than one hair transplant.  

How having a hair transplant is sufficient?

The foremost reason for having a hair transplant is to recover the hair that is lost. The number of hair follicles available to move from the back of the donor area to the recipient area is limited to the extent of one hair transplant. The number of grafts available to move is basically dependent on several numbers of factors like how bald a person can become, in a normal evaluation a person can only have 4000-10000 follicular units available. The person holds advanced balding patterns contain less hair at the donor zone as compared to the individuals having less area of baldness. 

So the best option is you should choose the best surgeon and clinic for having your hair transplant because giving your hair in the wrong hand can reduce the efficiency of hair transplants and it is difficult to opt for a hair transplant again. 

How much time do I have to wait for the results after a hair transplant? 

It is the question of every individual who desires to have a hair transplant but normally, patients see results between 6 to 9 months after their surgery, but in some cases, patients having a low immune system witness their results in 12 months. So it is important to keep patience for at least one and a half years after the hair transplant. 

Why the transplanted hair falls immediately after the hair transplant?

People normally get irritated and fearful when they witness hair fall within 2 to 8 weeks after the hair transplant, but it is normal. The hair after the hair transplant may fall due to several medical reasons but they start becoming thicker from the third month of the hair transplant. 

Your selection of hair transplant clinics and doctors will decide the success of your hair transplant. Marmm Clinic has the team of the best Hair Doctor in Indore who provides you a result-oriented and effective hair transplant. 

So, from the above points, it is clear that having more than one hair transplant is risky and ineffective. 


How to Manage Hair Growth Cycle after a Hair Transplant?

Hair Doctor in Indore

Hair loss is problematic due to psychological issues. Male pattern baldness does not harm the body like other diseases but still, it is considered as a troublesome problem because it causes various psychological problems like depression, social anxiety, low self-esteem etc. after the patients are sure that they are facing hair loss or male pattern baldness, they must visit a trusted Hair Clinic in Indore. They need proper treatment because it is not possible to attain good results if you wish to treat baldness with the help of your own efforts.

Hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution for male pattern baldness. However, most of the patients are not sure and ask so many questions regarding the surgery. 

Hair transplant is a scientific procedure that involves the removal of hair grafts from the donor site and insertion of the grafts to the scalp. 

Inserted hair follicles grow on the recipient area forever since they are bald resistant unlike hairs growing on the other areas. 

As mentioned above, most of the patients are concerned about the results. The next part of this blog is dedicated to such patients who wish to enjoy the recovery period after the hair transplant surgery. 

After the surgery is finished, the work of a surgeon is not finished and he has to send you to your home with predefined rules and regulations. 

We are about to talk about such rules that are essential to follow for the patients.

Cautions just after the surgery

You have to follow some instructions just after the surgery. You cannot wash your hair and touching the hair without a proper reason is not allowed. After some days washing the hair is possible with the help of a shampoo, generally provided by the clinic. Heavy activities are prohibited after the surgery and the level of activities is slowly increased after the advice of the surgeon. 

Side effects

Swelling, itching, brushing, and mild pain is some common side effects occurring after the surgery. Most of the side effects subside within a couple of days. For itching and mild pain, the surgeon may provide painkillers and antibiotics. 

Hair shedding 

Hair shedding is a common phenomenon occurring after some time after the surgery. In this phenomenon, transplanted hairs shed completely from the recipient area but usually, this phase is temporary because only hair strands shed with no effect on the hair follicles inside the skin. 

Full natural results 

For full natural results, you have to wait for at least six to 12 months because this is a steady process and patience is necessary to see full results. 

If you want to have good results after the surgery with a safe recovery period, you must visit a Hair Doctor in Indore. The Marmm Klinik is a good example of an authentic clinic that ensures safe and secure treatment of hair loss or male pattern baldness. The experts are well-trend to help you till the end of the surgery. 

How to recycle the different phases of hair growth cycle with Hair transplant?

Hair Transplant is among those treatments which give immense happiness to the patients. As because of it, many people flaunt their hair again. Transplantation is a process in which follicles from one part of the body is taken and then it is shifted to another part of the body. Mostly males deal with this issue on a large scale but women are also not intact with it. They also face the problem of thinning. Male has to suffer from baldness mostly in the middle of the scalp and the back of the scalp. It is now easy to get rid of this and get back the natural-looks with a simple procedure. There are many Hair Doctor in Indore, who perform this surgery and positive outcomes have been received from the patient’s end. 

Hair Doctor in Indore

There are some precautions which are to be taken care of during the process and even after the restoration. After a time interval, you will have the best version of your hair. This process is absolutely safe and preferable. Nowadays there are advancements in the transplant surgery. It is popular and preferred by doctors for the restoration of hair loss. It is precise and gives natural results.

There are different phases of hair growth cycle

1. In the first phase, after the transplantation surgery, your hair grows around half an inch a month, and faster in the summer than in winter. The growth phase, lasts an average of 3-5 years, so a full-length follicles averages 18 to 30 inches. 

2. The second phase is a short transitional phase that lasts approximately 10 days.

3. The third and the last phase, when your follicles is released and falls out. The follicle then remains inactive for 3 months and the whole process is repeated. Each follicle is independent and goes through the growth cycle at different times, otherwise all your follicles would fall out at once. 

The procedure for every type of surgery uses highly advanced equipment. Both types of surgeries have their own costs and depends upon the procedure. The cost of the transplantation depends upon condition of baldness in a patient, types of techniques used for the surgery, number of grafts used during the transplant, area of transplantation, extra care and irregularities if any occurs during the surgery.

It is a procedure which gives excellent results. There are many surgeons and doctors who are performing this procedure but one should consult the best doctor and clinic who are experts in their field and are working from years to provide best to their patients. Marmm Clinic is working from years to provide the best treatment. We can even say that they have the Best Hair clinic in Indore. Though each and everything has its pros and cons. Transplantation is no other when it comes to availability on the donor site. Some factors play a role in the transplantation like age and availability of follicles on the donor side etc. but it is still one of the solutions which people are adapting to overcome the problem of baldness.

Scalp Laxity, Elasticity, and Glidability in Hair Transplant

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Hairs make the personality attractive, hair transplant helps in recovering the bald area or the portion of hair loss, but before having a hair transplant several things are needed for analysis like scalp laxity, elasticity, and glidability. A good and qualified surgeon always make an analysis of all the important phenomenon before having a hair transplant, Marmm hair transplant clinic provides one of the best Hair Transplant in Bhopal where the best hair doctors provide the best treatment after checking all the necessary facts for hair transplant. Let’s discuss some of the important facts related to a hair transplant.

What is Scalp Elasticity and Laxity in hair transplant?

Every organ of the body carries elasticity either in large amount or in a bit, hair scalp also carries an elasticity or laxity, laxity refers to the overall skin elasticity that an organ contains.  

But, it is the question of many curious patients that does the scalp elasticity or laxity matters in hair transplant? 

The answer to this question is definitely yes, laxity or elasticity matters a lot in the matter of hair restoration or hair transplant, it is,  more importantly, affect while having the treatment by the method of follicular unit extraction (FUE). 

In this method of hair restoration, the doctor removes a strip of flesh from the donor zone, a donor zone with a high laxity grants more wider strip removal which helps in more follicular units, which ultimately results in more positive results of the hair transplant. Getting in deep the doctor performing hair transplant dissects the follicular units from the zone and it is only possible when the donor zone of the scalp own a thick amount of elasticity.

Before opting for this FUE hair transplantation process, the surgeon measures the density, laxity, and elasticity of the scalp, by doing so he estimates all the safety and success measures of the hair transplant. 

How to measure the scalp laxity and elasticity?

There are a number of ways to measure the scalp laxity and elasticity, but it is most importantly depends upon the doctor that which method he is opting to measure your scalp. Marmm Hair Transplant Clinic has the team of best doctors who checks each and everything carefully before having a Hair Transplant in Bhopal, generally, the laxity of the scalp is checked through the distance of vertical movement both in the posterior scalp and the lateral scalp. The result of this process simply describes the range of scalp that is very lax to very tight. Several other methods determine the scalp laxity in detail like the amount of laxity and its proper measurement. 

Effects of Scalp Laxity in a hair transplant

In general terms, scalp laxity is determined by the genetics of the person, the individuals having tighter scalp skin are generally not considered good for having a FUT hair transplant. Hair transplant to this individual can cause excessive scarring and the skin can become tighter after the hair transplant.  

Marmm Hair Transplant Clinic provides the best Hair Transplant in Bhopal along with the best and affordable Hair Transplant Cost in Bhopal It has the best team of doctors who believe in providing satisfactory results to the patients of hair loss. 

Does Hair Transplant remove Baldness that causes due to some serious disease?

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Hair loss or baldness can affect anyone at any age, every individual sheds around 100 hairs in a day, but this is normal, when a person is witnessing hair loss for more than 250 hairs in a day than it can be either alopecia or a situation of heavy hair loss, in this situation he needs treatment to give a permanent stoppage to hair loss. Marmm Klinik provides the Best Hair Loss Treatment in Indore focussing on positive results for each patient. 

Most people lost their hair due to some trauma or due to an accident and in most cases due to any serious medical problem or disease. Hair transplant is the permanent solution for hair loss, but the biggest question is should a diseased person can have a hair transplant?

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgical process in which the bald or hair loss area is transplanted by the area which contains thick hairs. Usually,  the area from where the hairs are taken for hair transplant is known as Donor site and the place where transplantation is needed to be performed is known as the recipient site. 

When a hair transplant is performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon, he carefully checks each and every initial detail of the patient, including his past medical history. Hair transplant is possible in most of the medical disease if performed by an experienced and well-practiced doctor.

Diseases causing hair loss and the possibility of hair transplant

In most of the diseases, a hair transplant is possible and proves to be safe and result-oriented if precautions were taken seriously. 

Illness or Surgery:

Individuals facing stress due to sickness or due to surgery, cease the regular task of the body like hair production. Several other illness conditions like iron deficiency, lupus or any kind of severe infection can cause hair loss or baldness.  In this type of condition, a hair transplant is possible but it is the utmost responsibility of the surgeon to prescribe a blood test to the patient to know the overall condition of the patient before a hair transplant. 


Aging is not a disease but it is one of the biggest reasons for having hair loss, as the age increases, hair follicles also get damaged and cause hair loss, hair transplant is safe at any age regardless of several health conditions. 


The person who lost his hair due to cancer and chemotherapy witness hair loss or complete baldness for a specific period of time, in this case, there are chances of regaining hair naturally. So hair transplant in this situation proves to a wrong decision and an experienced surgeon never suggest it. 


Hair transplant is possible for a person suffering from the thyroid, but it is important to follow some previous and aftercare for hair transplant, the surgeon is needed to prescribe blood tests to check the overall condition of the patient, and it is important for the patient to choose the best doctor to have a hair transplant. Marmm Klinik provides the Best Hair Treatment in Indore after understanding the condition of each patient. 

Different Scalp Examination Procedure for Hair Transplant in Indore

Hair Clinic in Indore

Hair transplant is a surgical process that involves the removal of hair follicles from any side in the scalp and planting them on the hairless or balded portion. This process involves transplanting hairs on any side of the body like hairs in the eyebrow or hairs on the head scalp. If you are thinking to have a hair transplant in Indore than make sure that you are approaching the best Hair Doctor in Indore.

What are the necessities required before having a hair transplant?

Selecting the best hair transplant surgeon 

A good, qualified and certified doctor consults and examines the patient before a hair transplant, it is necessary to check each and every initial medical detail of the patient to opt for a hair transplant.

Blood tests: This is the most important thing which is needed to have a hair transplant, different blood tests like for checking thyroid, vitamin D, iron, vitamin B12 are some common tests that are important before a hair transplant. All among this thyroid is the most important test before a hair transplant. 

Procedures to examine the scalp and to perform hair transplant

The hair transplant process is basically performed by two methods Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Both these methods are effective depending upon the doctor who is opting for any method.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a modern technique used for hair restoration, it is performed by a highly experienced doctor, in this process, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area by using a specialized extraction instrument which is less than 1mm in diameter. After this, the follicles are transferred to the recipient area on the scalp and implanted there. 

While having this surgery you will remain conscious because this is performed in a local anesthesia process. 

This process is proved to be a successful treatment for hair transplant as it does not leave any scar or changes at the donor as well as at the recipient area. 

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a surgical procedure in which hair is transplanted from the permanent zone, normally the area in the back and sides of the scalp where the hair is more resistant to balding or hair loss, this is done by using naturally-occurring groups 1,2,3, or 4 hairs or follicular units. In this process the patient’s scalp is anesthetized and the doctor removes a strip of tissue from the donor area, this donor strip is cut into many follicular units using microscopic dissection techniques. After this process, the surgeon makes mini holes in the scalp of recipient sites, and finally, the grafts are placed.

These procedures when performed by the best doctors and with the Best Hair Clinic in Indore, results in best hair transplant and positive results without any side effect and problem in the future. 

Affordable Hair Transplants: What Are Minigrafts And Micrografts In Hair Transplant

Hair loss, as a common problem, is extremely troublesome for both men and women. In this situation, you need to visit a trusted hair clinic. The Marmm Klinik is the best hair restoration clinic for Hair Transplant in Indore. In this clinic, professional surgeons have invented some fresh and unique ideas to restore the bald areas on the scalp.

Hair Transplant in Indore
Hair Transplant in Indore

The New Phase of the Surgery

Due to the advancement of technology, surgeons are able to bring perfect and suitable results for the patients. The new idea of transplanting the hair follicles is not complete without the consideration of small and not very small hair follicular units.

The surgeons use a new strategy to use micro and mini grafts to design the area where they use smaller hair grafts that are used to restore hairline where the patients do not need hair follicular units with more hairs. Larger follicles are used to restore other areas of the scalp. Larger or mini grafts are used to provide greater body to the hair

In brief, modern hair restoration surgery involves the use of different sizes of hair grafts. As the use of micro and mini grafts is a widely used practice, we have to discuss the advantages of using micro and mini grafts.

The Benefit of Micro and Mini grafts

Experts say that micro and mini grafts have a good survival rate because of minimized metabolic needs. The stability of these grafts ensures the success of reconstructive hair restoration surgery as well. However, the experts also add that the surgeons must insert mini and micro grafts into the scalp as soon as possible. It increases the chances of the survival of the hair grafts.

The Cost of Mini and Micro grafts

The use of mini and micro grafts according to the baldness grade increases the cost but the cost is still affordable for the patients. Furthermore, the patients are happy with the results and they generally ignore the increased cost to get enhance and natural look with the help of the latest technology.

If you wish to have the same results with a genuine and trusted clinic, you can come to the Marmm Klinik that is a  premier center for Hair Transplant in Indore. The clinic is using the latest and advanced tools and technologies to achieve satisfactory outcomes after the surgery. So, you can come without any confusion and questions.