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How to Improve Hair Growth with Hair Treatment in Indore?

Hair Treatment in Indore

When you comb your hair, usually, you observe some hairs stuck in the comb. Similarly, finding some hairs on the pillow is not an unusual thing. However, if you observe more than 100 hairs on your comb or pillows, you have to worry about it. Excessive hair loss is a sign of baldness and this condition can be extremely severe if not taken seriously. The Marmm Klinik is a superior hair clinic in the field of hair treatment in Indore and offers advanced facilities to the patients. 

The experts of the clinic say that minor hair fall is usually not troublesome but excessive hair loss should be considered due to forthcoming unwanted conditions of the scalp. There are two main types of hair loss: temporary and permanent. Temporary hair loss may occur due to several reasons, such as poor diet, improper lifestyle, hairstyles and hair products, seasonal effects, pollution, stress, medications, chronic illness etc. Permanent hair is the most common type of hair loss is called male pattern baldness. This disease takes place because of hormonal disturbance that is triggered by the genes of the body. 

The treatment of hair loss

Mild hair loss goes away automatically but if the conditions are severe, you may need medicines to control hair loss. Apart from medicines, the experts may apply non-surgical treatments like PRP hair loss treatment in Indore. In Marmm Klinik, PRP is performed by the trained experts with the help of ultra-effective technique. 

Procedure of PRP 

First of all, the experts check the scalp along with general health condition of the patient. After that, the expert draws a sample of blood from the patient’s own body. The expert spins this sample in a centrifuge machine to separate the components of the blood sample. After the machine is spun, the sample is divided into three main layers called platelet poor plasma, platelet rich plasma, and red blood cells. The experts collects the platelet rich plasma in a test tube and prepares special PRP injections. These injections are injected into the scalp of the patients. 

Benefits of PRP hair loss treatment

For Hair Treatment in Indore, PRP or platelet rich plasma has growth factors that are known to enhance the healing process and promote hair regrowth. It means you have a good chance to control further hair loss ensuring long and shiny hairs again. In PRP, the blood is drawn from the body of the patient. Therefore, there is no chance of infection or rejection. Moreover, PRP is a completely non-surgical and comfortable treatment. 

Surgical treatment of hair loss

In the case of severe permanent hair loss or male pattern baldness, the experts need to perform hair transplant that is a surgical treatment. In this treatment, hairs are borrowed from the back and sides and transplanted to the bald scalp. 

Hair loss treatment in the  Marmm Klinik

When you arrive at the clinic, the experts are going to diagnose the problem, later, they will treat you according to the condition of the scalp. The experts of the clinic are highly trained and experienced to detect the problem and provide suitable treatment. If you are looking for affordable treatment, the Marmm Klinik is able to provide reduced Hair Treatment Cost in Indore. You have to just visit the clinic for appropriate treatment with optimum affordability. 


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