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5 Hair Care Mistakes You may be Making Every Day

Hair Doctor in Indore

Hairs always need extra attention and potential in order to be healthy and safe, but there are several mistakes that people make due to which hair starts to fall and in some cases, severe hair loss occur. So it is important to take care of the hair by correcting the mistakes that you are doing and spoiling your precious hair. Readout this article in which Hair Specialist in Indore at Marmm Klinik is explaining the common mistakes that you are doing unknowingly and are needed to avoid. 

  1. Rough Brushing 

Usually, girls comb their wet hair with a fine-toothed comb, which causes more hair breakage and hair fall. 

What to do 

You can replace your hair comb with a wide-toothed comb, that can release less pressure and does not harm the hair follicles, you can also use conditioners which helps to comb the hair easily. 

  1. Washing Everyday 

Some people wash their hair regularly and it makes the hair frizzy leading to dry hair. Washing hair regularly with too hot or too cold water strips the natural oils and nutrients from the hair. 

What To Do 

if your hair is too oily and that’s the reason you wash them regularly, you can use oil-free shampoos by avoiding daily hair wash. 

  1. Drying Hair with Towel 

It’s a common habit among people to dry their hair with a scrubby towel or we can say the same towel for the body and hair. If you are doing so, you are harming your own hairs immensely which can cause damage and breakage. 

What To Do 

You can bring yourself a microfiber towel or a special towel that is made to dry your hair, you can also use old clothes like a t-shirt to make your hair dry. 

  1. Using Hair equipment too much for styling 

With the huge increase in technology, there are many things that people use to style their hair like blow dryers, straighteners,  curling wands and many more. These all harm the hair and removes moisture from the hair strands making them extremely dry and brittle.

What To Do 

As the world is moving towards the fashion era, it is impossible to neglect the hairstyling. But just to handle your hairs healthy you can avoid using them too much and you can also apply protective serums and creams before using the styling equipment.  

  1. Not Providing Hairs The Necessary Oiling

People often hesitate to oil their hair thinking that it’s an old practice that people do to make hair sticky. But oiling the hair is as essential as eating your daily diet. If the hairs don’t get essential oils, it makes the hair frizzy, dry, having split ends, and hair natural color damage. 

What To Do 

It is not important to put the hair oily for always but you can simply apply oil to the hair before a day of wash. It gives the hair a protective shield that helps in controlling the hair fall during the wash, it also gives shine, moisture, and controls damage of split ends and breakage. 

Closing Notes 

Hairs are the most important element which enhances the looks and beauty of an individual, it is important to take proper care of hair by avoiding the silly mistakes, hope this article helped you in correcting your common mistakes, but if in case if you are facing any kind of hair problem you can visit Marmm Klinik, it is the best Hair Clinic in Indore, having the best hair doctor in Indore, here you will get the best recommendations in order to save and protect any kind of hair related problem, for more information, visit the website and book your consultation. 


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