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Baldness covering through Body Hair Transplant in Indore-Bhopal

Hair transplant in Bhopal

Hair loss and baldness are the problems which are getting increased day by day and there is no permanent solution to this except hair transplant, hair transplant is the only permanent solution which can provide a normal hair growth that you have before going to bald. But hair transplant requires a strong donor area and it is seen that many hair loss sufferers do not own a proper donor area on the scalp and thus leg or body hair transplant remains the option. But opting for a leg or body hair transplant is safe? Readout this article in which experts and specialist at Marmm Klinik who provides one of the best Hair Transplant in Bhopal are explaining about body hair transplant and Hair Transplant Cost in Bhopal, Indore and anywhere else in India. 

What is leg and Body Hair Transplant?

Body hair transplant is an exclusive method that is more preferable for men having male pattern baldness, generally, it is recommended to individuals having a weak donor area. In a body hair transplant, hair of the body like beard, chest, leg, hand, and other parts of the body are used as donor hair and transplanted on the recipient or bald area. 

Who are Ideal candidates for Body Hair Transplant?

  • Individuals having a poor donor area, and face baldness are ideal candidates for body hair transplant. 
  • Man having a realistic expectation from their hair transplant can opt for body hair transplant, the hair on the body is of small size and thus after transplanting them on the scalp, it may take a while to adjust the normal hair growth. 

Does body Hair Transplant beneficial?

Definitely yes, body hair transplant is beneficial in every prospect but to the extinct that it should be performed by a good hair transplant surgeon who has complete knowledge, qualifications, and experience of doing so. Having a hair transplant in Bhopal or anywhere else in India, you will get advantages like:

  • Patients who are facing baldness and had poor donor area on the scalp can expect good results from their body hair transplant.
  • When implanted on the scalp, there is a much higher rate of natural growth of body hair as compared to the scalp donor area. 
  • The body hair makes a proper adjustment with the scalp hair if the doctor had extracted good hair from the body. 
  • One of the best advantages of having a leg or body hair transplant is, the individuals will not need to face any kind of severe hair fall in the future as the body hairs are dihydrotestosterone resistant. 

The cost of body Hair Transplant : Looking over the cost of body hair transplant, it is a bit higher than normal hair transplant as it requires more care, more experience and more judgment of success. And normally the Hair Treatment Cost in Indore and Bhopal depends upon many factors like the number of grafts needed, the area of baldness, and the body part from where the hair is needed to be extracted. Normally the cost of body hair transplant ranges from INR 100000 to INR 120000 depending the factors. Visit Marmm Klinik’s website to know more in detail. 


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