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What Hair Transplant can do for Baldness or Hair Fall removal?

Hair transplant in Indore

Hair Transplant is now getting more popular day by day, people usually recommend hair transplant to the hair loss sufferers, it is one of the best solutions which can provide permanent hair growth at the place of baldness and hair loss, but do you know what exactly a Hair Transplant is? Readout this blog in which one of the best Hair Doctor In Indore at Marmm clinic is explaining details about hair transplants and its results. 

What is exactly a Hair Transplant?

A Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of hair follicles from an area of the scalp, usually from the backside of the scalp known as donor area and transplants them to the bald area of the scalp known as recipient area. It is a procedure for which the surgeon needs to be qualified, certified, and experienced enough to perform a successful hair transplant, a good surgeon can provide you natural-looking, thicker, and fuller head of hair. 

What things you should know before opting Hair Transplant surgeon?

Usually, a good surgeon opts from two methods for Hair Transplant in Indore or anywhere else, these include follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Both these methods are effective but it is best to let the surgeon decide which hair transplant method will prove to be effective for you. 

What is the difference between FUT & FUE Hair Transplant?

Both FUT and FUE are the same from the perception of performing at the donor area but are different from the perception of performing at the recipient area. 

The major difference in both these procedures follows:

Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE involves extracting small units of one to four hairs from the scalp, these hairs are then transplanted on the top of the head to restore hair on the bald region. 

FUE, on the other hand, provides several benefits like it doesn’t provide much larger scars on the donor as well as the recipient area. It also does not require much recovery time like in FUT hair transplant. 

Follicular Unit Transplantation 

This procedure involves removing a strip of skin from the donor area, hairs are extracted from the strip in groups of one to four. After extraction of the hair follicles, the surgeon transplant the hair on the bald region safely. 

It also has an advantage that the transplanted hair can have a moderately higher success but in this method, the chances of having scars are more increased than FUE hair transplant. 

Should I opt for a Hair transplant?

People facing a hair loss and baldness can understand how important are hairs, but before deciding to have a hair transplant it is a must that you should select a good hair transplant surgeon who is qualified and experienced enough to perform his services within affordable Hair Transplant Cost in Indore or anywhere. 

It is also important to set a proper consultation with the hair transplant surgeon in order to know all the details of your case, there are chances that the surgeon might perform some tests upon you to check the accuracy of your hair transplant.   


Hair transplant is a purely surgical procedure that involves incisions in both the harvesting as well as transplanting processes, but besides this, it provides good and natural-looking hair after a successful hair transplant, so if you are facing any kind of hair loss related problem you can opt Hair Transplant in Indore at Marmm Klinik it is one of the best hair transplant clinics which provides affordable Hair Transplant Cost in Indore. So grab your consultation hurry. 


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