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Crown Area Hair Transplant Let’s Understand Why It Is Required?

Hair transplant in Bhopal

If you are looking for Hair Treatment in Indore, you have to consider several things before proceeding. It is true that the authentic clinics like the Marmm Klinik offer reasonable Hair Transplant Cost in Indore and Bhopal but it is also true that hair transplant does not include the cost only and it needs the services of a trained Hair Specialist in Indore. Therefore, you always require sitting with the hair specialist before you finally decide to have a Hair Transplant.  

A talk with a hair transplant surgeon is necessary since this procedure is not as simple as it seems. Hair restoration with surgery needs special technical and artistic skills and restoring different parts of the scalp is really very challenging. 

Mostly, the surgeon check the availability of the hair grafts before starting the surgery and if the count of hair follicles is sufficient for one of more parts of the scalp, the decision is made accordingly. 

The crown area is one of the important parts of the scalp where the patient needs some more hairs in any condition. However, the surgeon would like to restore the frontal area because it is an easily visible part of the scalp.

Restoring the crown area is a challenging task and needs more efficiency and skills. 

Let us understand the reasons for the importance of crown hair transplant 

The rate of hair growth in the crown area is comparatively slower than the other parts of the scalp. Moreover, this area is affected in the maturity phase of pattern hair loss and at that time, the baldness affects this area in a circular shape. This is the reason, most of the surgeons like to wait for some more years instead of performing the surgery for an immature pattern of baldness. It is a known fact that the pattern of hair on the crown is totally different from a whorl. Therefore, restoring the hairs with a perfect angle in this area is not an easy task. Due to poor density on the crown area, the overlapping of hairs is not always possible.

Thus, achieving optimum density is also a challenging task in the crown area. The surgeon has to work with the limited quality of hair follicles and choose the frontal area because of the demands on the patients. It means less availability of hair follicles for the crown area. 

You need to more than 30 because at this age generally, the baldness is stable. Crown hair transplant is great for genetic hair loss. Therefore, if you are facing genetic baldness and need a Hair Transplant in Bhopal, the Marmm Klinik should be the best choice for you. This clinic provides treatment at a reasonable Hair Transplant Cost in Bhopal. For hair treatment, you need the services of a capable hair loss specialist who can assist you during the surgery and recovery period. For this purpose, you can visit the Marmm Klinik to meet with a Hair Specialist. It is sure you would have a successful treatment. 


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