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Evolving Trends in Scalp Hair Transplant

Hair loss is not an old problem and at present, almost all the people are aware of male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness or genetic hair loss is a hormonal scalp problem where genes also play a major role in removing the hairs from the scalp. According to the hair loss experts, hair transplant isContinue reading “Evolving Trends in Scalp Hair Transplant”


How many hair transplants can a patient have?

Hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair fall and baldness, but several curious minds ask whether it is possible to have more than one hair transplant for better results. According to recent research, hair transplant is a permanent process and when performed by an experienced and qualified doctor, there is no need to haveContinue reading “How many hair transplants can a patient have?”

How to Manage Hair Growth Cycle after a Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is problematic due to psychological issues. Male pattern baldness does not harm the body like other diseases but still, it is considered as a troublesome problem because it causes various psychological problems like depression, social anxiety, low self-esteem etc. after the patients are sure that they are facing hair loss or male patternContinue reading “How to Manage Hair Growth Cycle after a Hair Transplant?”

How to recycle the different phases of hair growth cycle with Hair transplant?

Hair Transplant is among those treatments which give immense happiness to the patients. As because of it, many people flaunt their hair again. Transplantation is a process in which follicles from one part of the body is taken and then it is shifted to another part of the body. Mostly males deal with this issueContinue reading “How to recycle the different phases of hair growth cycle with Hair transplant?”