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How Keratin Protein useful in developing Hair Roots and helpful in Hair Transplant?

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Keratin protein is one of the major elements that improve the cycle of your hair and skin. It is generally found in the internal parts of the body, keratin is also known for its protective protein and it is not inclined to scratch or tear like the other parts of the body. Marmm Clinic is one of the best clinics in India, it provides one of the best Hair Transplant in Indore within affordable Hair transplant Cost in Indore. Along with hair transplant, the Marmm clinic provides a range of treatments for hair loss and hair related problems like Keratin treatment and PRP and more. 

How keratin helps in maintaining good hair?

Keratin deeply enters in the roots of hair and results in smoother and silkier hair, but in general, the results of keratin treatment depends upon the thickness of your hair and the doctor whom you had chosen for your treatment. It works with smoothing down the roots of the cell of your hair. The layers of hair roots also called hair cuticle to absorb the keratin which ultimately results in glossy and shiny hair. Keratin also helps in giving the hair a natural and straighter look. 

What is Keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment is an exclusive method for bringing the inner shine of the hair, there are several  steps to have the keratin treatment which needs to be performed by a good doctor, it includes formaldehyde application to your hair, after the application of the cream the doctor generally recommends to keep the hair dry for several days, on your second visit to the clinic they will wash out chemicals. 

Cost involved in Keratin treatment?

Generally, a keratin treatment is performed by the doctor after deep analysis of the scalp and roots of the hair, the price of your treatment is also evaluated by the doctor according to the condition of your hair. In India, you will witness a reasonable price of hair treatments as compared to other countries. 

Marmm Clinic has a wide range of hair treatments like keratin treatment, PRP therapy and hair transplants are a few. It provides one of the best Hair transplant in Indore with the best results within affordable Hair Transplant Cost in Indore.  


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