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Hair Transplant for different shapes of Baldness

Hair Transplant in Indore, Hair Transplant Cost in Indore

People face hair loss and baldness at different stages of their lives, but the most drastic thing is they witness baldness in different patches and shapes and in these situations the question arises that is it possible to have a hair transplant for different shapes of baldness? Yes, it is possible to have a hair transplant in a different pattern of hair loss, a good and experienced surgeon can make hair transplants possible and result oriented in any type of hair loss pattern, Marmm Clinic provides one of the best Hair Transplant in Indore having the best team of qualified and certified doctors. 

Generally, Males and females observe baldness after puberty, according to the scientific reason for having pattern baldness, the recession of the hairline to the more advanced multifactorial systems that affect the different parameters of the scalp and the hair.  

Reasons for pattern baldness 

Hair fall or baldness is the worst problem that affects both men and women, let us discuss some of the main reasons for having hair fall and baldness. 

Hair fall due to diseases like anemia and thyroid.

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy. 

High doses of medical drugs like blood thinners, vitamin A, and steroids.

Scalp infection 

Improper diet, stress, and hypertension 

Extra Experiments on hair like tight hairstyles, cornrows, or braids. 

Risks involved with pattern baldness 

Pattern baldness or baldness with different shapes is not a serious problem until you had comprised of an attractive personality, but in some cases, pattern baldness brings some serious problems like enlarged prostate, diabetes, and high blood pressure. So it is important to consult a good doctor immediately if you observe a high amount of hair fall or baldness. 

Why hair transplant is the best solution for pattern baldness?

There are lots of treatments available for hair loss or baldness, but it is important to choose the best treatment which will be proven effective, so instead of going on different temporary treatments hair transplant is the best solution which gives the permanent solution from baldness and hair loss without even having side effects and infections. 

The cost involved in hair transplantHair transplant cost is quite economical in India as compared to the other countries, but in terms, there are various factors that decide the cost of a hair transplant, and all among them, area or pattern of baldness is the most important factor. Marmm Clinic focuses on consulting with each patient individually to understand the root cause of hair transplants. Here at Marmm Klinik we majorly focus on giving the reasonable and best affordable Hair Transplant Cost in Indore along with the best possible results.


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