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How to Manage Hair Growth Cycle after a Hair Transplant?

Hair Doctor in Indore

Hair loss is problematic due to psychological issues. Male pattern baldness does not harm the body like other diseases but still, it is considered as a troublesome problem because it causes various psychological problems like depression, social anxiety, low self-esteem etc. after the patients are sure that they are facing hair loss or male pattern baldness, they must visit a trusted Hair Clinic in Indore. They need proper treatment because it is not possible to attain good results if you wish to treat baldness with the help of your own efforts.

Hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution for male pattern baldness. However, most of the patients are not sure and ask so many questions regarding the surgery. 

Hair transplant is a scientific procedure that involves the removal of hair grafts from the donor site and insertion of the grafts to the scalp. 

Inserted hair follicles grow on the recipient area forever since they are bald resistant unlike hairs growing on the other areas. 

As mentioned above, most of the patients are concerned about the results. The next part of this blog is dedicated to such patients who wish to enjoy the recovery period after the hair transplant surgery. 

After the surgery is finished, the work of a surgeon is not finished and he has to send you to your home with predefined rules and regulations. 

We are about to talk about such rules that are essential to follow for the patients.

Cautions just after the surgery

You have to follow some instructions just after the surgery. You cannot wash your hair and touching the hair without a proper reason is not allowed. After some days washing the hair is possible with the help of a shampoo, generally provided by the clinic. Heavy activities are prohibited after the surgery and the level of activities is slowly increased after the advice of the surgeon. 

Side effects

Swelling, itching, brushing, and mild pain is some common side effects occurring after the surgery. Most of the side effects subside within a couple of days. For itching and mild pain, the surgeon may provide painkillers and antibiotics. 

Hair shedding 

Hair shedding is a common phenomenon occurring after some time after the surgery. In this phenomenon, transplanted hairs shed completely from the recipient area but usually, this phase is temporary because only hair strands shed with no effect on the hair follicles inside the skin. 

Full natural results 

For full natural results, you have to wait for at least six to 12 months because this is a steady process and patience is necessary to see full results. 

If you want to have good results after the surgery with a safe recovery period, you must visit a Hair Doctor in Indore. The Marmm Klinik is a good example of an authentic clinic that ensures safe and secure treatment of hair loss or male pattern baldness. The experts are well-trend to help you till the end of the surgery. 


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