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Scalp Laxity, Elasticity, and Glidability in Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant in Bhopal

Hairs make the personality attractive, hair transplant helps in recovering the bald area or the portion of hair loss, but before having a hair transplant several things are needed for analysis like scalp laxity, elasticity, and glidability. A good and qualified surgeon always make an analysis of all the important phenomenon before having a hair transplant, Marmm hair transplant clinic provides one of the best Hair Transplant in Bhopal where the best hair doctors provide the best treatment after checking all the necessary facts for hair transplant. Let’s discuss some of the important facts related to a hair transplant.

What is Scalp Elasticity and Laxity in hair transplant?

Every organ of the body carries elasticity either in large amount or in a bit, hair scalp also carries an elasticity or laxity, laxity refers to the overall skin elasticity that an organ contains.  

But, it is the question of many curious patients that does the scalp elasticity or laxity matters in hair transplant? 

The answer to this question is definitely yes, laxity or elasticity matters a lot in the matter of hair restoration or hair transplant, it is,  more importantly, affect while having the treatment by the method of follicular unit extraction (FUE). 

In this method of hair restoration, the doctor removes a strip of flesh from the donor zone, a donor zone with a high laxity grants more wider strip removal which helps in more follicular units, which ultimately results in more positive results of the hair transplant. Getting in deep the doctor performing hair transplant dissects the follicular units from the zone and it is only possible when the donor zone of the scalp own a thick amount of elasticity.

Before opting for this FUE hair transplantation process, the surgeon measures the density, laxity, and elasticity of the scalp, by doing so he estimates all the safety and success measures of the hair transplant. 

How to measure the scalp laxity and elasticity?

There are a number of ways to measure the scalp laxity and elasticity, but it is most importantly depends upon the doctor that which method he is opting to measure your scalp. Marmm Hair Transplant Clinic has the team of best doctors who checks each and everything carefully before having a Hair Transplant in Bhopal, generally, the laxity of the scalp is checked through the distance of vertical movement both in the posterior scalp and the lateral scalp. The result of this process simply describes the range of scalp that is very lax to very tight. Several other methods determine the scalp laxity in detail like the amount of laxity and its proper measurement. 

Effects of Scalp Laxity in a hair transplant

In general terms, scalp laxity is determined by the genetics of the person, the individuals having tighter scalp skin are generally not considered good for having a FUT hair transplant. Hair transplant to this individual can cause excessive scarring and the skin can become tighter after the hair transplant.  

Marmm Hair Transplant Clinic provides the best Hair Transplant in Bhopal along with the best and affordable Hair Transplant Cost in Bhopal It has the best team of doctors who believe in providing satisfactory results to the patients of hair loss. 


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