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Does Hair Transplant remove Baldness that causes due to some serious disease?

Hair Transplant in Indore

Hair loss or baldness can affect anyone at any age, every individual sheds around 100 hairs in a day, but this is normal, when a person is witnessing hair loss for more than 250 hairs in a day than it can be either alopecia or a situation of heavy hair loss, in this situation he needs treatment to give a permanent stoppage to hair loss. Marmm Klinik provides the Best Hair Loss Treatment in Indore focussing on positive results for each patient. 

Most people lost their hair due to some trauma or due to an accident and in most cases due to any serious medical problem or disease. Hair transplant is the permanent solution for hair loss, but the biggest question is should a diseased person can have a hair transplant?

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgical process in which the bald or hair loss area is transplanted by the area which contains thick hairs. Usually,  the area from where the hairs are taken for hair transplant is known as Donor site and the place where transplantation is needed to be performed is known as the recipient site. 

When a hair transplant is performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon, he carefully checks each and every initial detail of the patient, including his past medical history. Hair transplant is possible in most of the medical disease if performed by an experienced and well-practiced doctor.

Diseases causing hair loss and the possibility of hair transplant

In most of the diseases, a hair transplant is possible and proves to be safe and result-oriented if precautions were taken seriously. 

Illness or Surgery:

Individuals facing stress due to sickness or due to surgery, cease the regular task of the body like hair production. Several other illness conditions like iron deficiency, lupus or any kind of severe infection can cause hair loss or baldness.  In this type of condition, a hair transplant is possible but it is the utmost responsibility of the surgeon to prescribe a blood test to the patient to know the overall condition of the patient before a hair transplant. 


Aging is not a disease but it is one of the biggest reasons for having hair loss, as the age increases, hair follicles also get damaged and cause hair loss, hair transplant is safe at any age regardless of several health conditions. 


The person who lost his hair due to cancer and chemotherapy witness hair loss or complete baldness for a specific period of time, in this case, there are chances of regaining hair naturally. So hair transplant in this situation proves to a wrong decision and an experienced surgeon never suggest it. 


Hair transplant is possible for a person suffering from the thyroid, but it is important to follow some previous and aftercare for hair transplant, the surgeon is needed to prescribe blood tests to check the overall condition of the patient, and it is important for the patient to choose the best doctor to have a hair transplant. Marmm Klinik provides the Best Hair Treatment in Indore after understanding the condition of each patient. 


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